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Cleaning & Restoration


Socorro Ruiz is Pro Steamer Professional Carpet & Upholstery

That’s the easiest thing to do and it’s monthly.  I think we’re going to be about $250,000 this year.  So from like $63,000 we grossed in last year.  I think we’re going to hit about $250,000 this year so we’re really, really happy.  The marketing just gave us such an opportunity to live our life, have our children.  You know, not just be so worried about the bills.


Craig Holland is the owner of Carpet and Rug Cleaning and located in Frankston, VIC, Australia.

We’ve increased prices by about 20% and we’ve just made a whole lot more money in our pocket.  So it’s great.


Mica Doucette is the owner of KD Carpet & Floor Cleaning, LLC in Arizona. KD Carpet & Floor Cleaning specializes in Carpet Cleaning, Tile / Grout Cleaning & Sealing; Stone Floor Cleaning / Sealing & Honing; and Wood Floor Restoration Furniture & Mattress Cleaning.

We got a $1,500 tile job, commercial tile job from that and then we were just asked back by the same company to give a bid for the entire building which is going to end up being a $12,000 job off that one Google ranking.

John Spears

John Spears has been dedicated to continual education and training by The Clean Trust, Formerly known as IICRC. He is formally recognized by Signature Carpet Care of Northern Utah for his accomplishment to the level of Journeyman Textile Cleaner.

In a month where I typically do eight or nine thousand, I did like $17,640.  So it was a huge one strategy impact in my business.


Steve Cameron is the owner of $300,000+ Sunrise Clean Care in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Steve has long established relationships with the finest decorators, carpet retailers, and realtors in Atlanta who consistently refer their clients to Sunrise Clean Care because of Sunrise’s Triple Guarantee and the fact that they use safe- green cleaning products which insures a healthy home environment.

Thanks to the killer marketing strategies that I learned from Piranha Marketing, I now earn $174,000.00 more per year while working less than I did before. This year my company will gross over $300,000.00 – after averaging only $120,000.00 per year for 22 years. I have almost tripled my yearly average since joining Piranha Marketing. Life is good!


Tracy Kenney is the owner of Catamount Carpet Cleaning of the Berkshires.

We have made a 170% growth in sales just by utilizing the very few of the strategies last year.


Isaac Kitchen is the owner of Extraordinary Clean in Colorado. The company specializes in carpet cleaning.

I quadrupled my prices, much better high-end clients…I’ll more than double my business this year.  I’ll make $450,000.


Annette Marchionda is the owner of Professional Carpet Systems in St. Catherines Ontario who created a very successful Joint Venture program with a local dry cleaners.

Get out there and implement.  Just do it!  One little thing at a time.  Small inches swing giant doors, and the proof is right here.  Our annual sales have gone up by $200,000 in the two years that we’ve been involved with Platinum Plus and we’re damn glad!  Thanks, Piranha!


Cheryl Colin is the owner of ABSOclean Carpet Cleaning.

Where Joe is out there trying to collaborate all that and show you how to go about taking care of your customers and not actually cleaning.  So I mean, you know to me it’s a no-brainier.


Kevin Coy

I was perfectly content to work for wages and live a normal lifestyle. Now that I have been introduced to Joe, I’m completely unemployable! I will no longer be able to punch a time clock again. I’m stuck with being an entrepreneur. I guess I will have to make lots of money meet famous people, win cars and go to tropical islands to play!!! Joe because of you I will never be the SAME. You friggin rock!!!


Chestin Salisbury is the owner of Lawn Care Marketing and Liberty Services of America, Inc.

I’m in another service type industry and any time I need direction on how to create extremely effective marketing systems, I also turn to Joe Polish. His knowledge about creating hands off systems that magically grow a business is second to none. I have absolutely no reservations in saying Joe is definitely the man!


Sharon & Skip Schmidt of Liberty Services of America, Inc.

Joe, you have opened our eyes to an entire WEALTH of info-may-shun!!!! Little did we know that there was a network of people out there sharing VERY VALUABLE INFORMATION FOR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT! You and your team are making us uncomfortable – making us G-R-O-W. Skip and I feel like we found a TREASURE CHEST full of GOLD! We look forward to growing with you and all the Piranha Members. YOU HAVE OPENED OUR EYES AND MINDS.


Ron Falls of Referral Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.

I have been in business for over 30 years and honestly have done very well.  But, I now look back and only wonder how much more could have been accomplished with using Joe’s concepts.  Joining Platinum Plus for the third year has changed my mindset about whom I want to market to.  It alone has given me the confidence to raise my pricing several times in the past few months, even in the dead of winter.  Joe Polish cares about treating the entire “you” – to make you better and sharper, not only in business, but in your personal life too.


Brian Holloway

Joe’s head is big enough and even if he looks a little on the twisted geekie side — don’t let that get in your way. He is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary vision, passion and energy — to achieve what has never been achieved before. And if you want to know the real truth about ‘Joe’ if it was all about ‘the money’ he would not be in this game, at this level, blowing the roof off his business.


Tom Incledon of Human Performance Specialists, Inc.

I love Joe!!


John Carlton is a master copywriter. He has worked with other highly regarded gurus like Jay Abraham and Jim Rutz. He’s considered to be “the secret weapon” to some of the most highly successful marketing campaigns in Internet Marketing history.

The business world is moving faster than ever before. Staying close to the action means paying attention to Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing.


Rick Sapio of Investor Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc.

I’ve been listening to Joe’s Genius Network tapes and CDs for years. It is the most impactful stuff I listen to; because you get the wisdom of incredibly successful people directly from their un-edited voices into your earphones. I absolutely love what you’re doing, Joe. I especially like your commitment to provide value to thousands of people. It is truly inspiring. Kudos to you for sticking with it for many years.

Renee Staggs of PermaClean Carpet Care & More

Thanks to Joe and the awesome Piranha marketing team we have increased our average job ticket by $175.00 and grown our business by over 90%. We look forward to even more success now that we have joined Joe’s platinum plus coaching group. Way to go Joe!!


Dave Keiter of Yellow Van Cleaning

Thanks to Joe Polish, I increased my sales by $358,465.00 in just 12 months I now own my dream home, a hot tub, and a Jaguar Convertible!


Kevin Buck of ON-SITE Professional Cleaning

Anyone wanting to grow their business mindset should really consider joining Piranha marketing, particularly the upper level coaching programs.


Robin Robins of Technology Marketing Tool Kit, Inc.

I’ve bought just about every kind of marketing book, tape, seminar, and system and I can say that Joe’s stuff is the real deal. I’ve hired Joe to personally coach me and it was worth every penny. Not only is he 100% right on with his advice and instructions, but I have not met any other marketing coach that has Joe’s honesty and integrity. It is very obvious that he invests an incredible amount of time and effort to give you proven strategies that actually work; not ‘fluff’ that simply lines his pockets. Do not hesitate for a second to buy his products or hire him to coach you. If Joe can’t help you, no one can.


Richard Andrews

THE TRUTH ABOUT JOE POLISH’S MARKETING REVEALED: I’m going to let you into a little secret that I’m ashamed to say but ‘I was A Victim of my own Mind’ I never thought much about marketing my business,it was like I had a box inside my head that I could not open I was following what all the other carpet cleaners were doing here in the U.K I saw Joe’s pack and bought it. Now man let me tell you this stuff blew me away ‘Joe YOU provided the KEY to unlock the box’ I raised my prices, stopped doing cheap carpet cleaning, and started taking more time off.


David V. Lorenzo of Career Intensity

I have an MBA in Management Science and an MS in Strategic Communications from an Ivy League School and your program is as actionable as anything I learned in all those years of education. The schooling was worth it – and fun – but your program provides great insight at a fraction of the cost.


Jeff Mills

After learning about how to use one of your stick strategy secrets for a back end product to my membership, I sent out an ‘I am sorry’ direct response letter because a late delivery of one of my products. In it, I told people, because of my error, they could take a significant discount to upgrade to a new level of membership. Out of the 26 letters I sent out, 3 chose to upgrade and that put an extra $10,000 in my pocket for 5 minutes of work to write and mail the letter. Thanks for the 1000′s of great marketing and bonding ideas.


Tim Larkin is the Founder of the TFT Group.

Joe Polish consistently provides me with insights, ideas and contacts that have literally transformed the way I positioned myself in a very competitive market. His products and seminars have been an invaluably guide and if your running ANY business and haven’t read Joe you’re blind, if you haven’t heard Joe you’re deaf and if you haven’t got your butt in a seat at his seminars you just aren’t serious about taking your business to the top.


Andre DeLano of Owner of SpeedyVac.com

Joe has now become a friend. Not just a coach or mentor, he has helped me see that there is more to success then money. Yes we all want money, but I’d say attitude is King! And in all the years I’ve known him, that’s what he teaches in a nutshell. You may say, Joe teaches marketing. But I’d say, he’s taught me attitude. Attitude that has made my business over a Million Dollars since I’ve known him. It’s because of attitude.”


Brett Brodie

Since becoming a piranha member, I have increased gross sales no less than 100% per year and tripled my personal income, and hey- there’s nothing special about me, just the fact that I took the cookie cutter strategies and got ‘em done got me to where I’m at today. My future looks like this; A Millionaire by 40, and retired from ‘real’ work. Not bad for a dead broke ‘rug sucker’. Your future starts today, take action now!


Nancy Crites of Certified Carpet Systems

Just wanted you to know that Joe is fantastic! We have grown from a few thousand dollars a year to over $400,000 and have purchased a 6,000+ square foot warehouse. Just “do it” because it works. Yeah, I know we want to hide our head in the sand and pretend everything is “great” but if it is not – run, don’t walk and contact Joe… and help is on the way.


Deanne Repich

I ordered Joe’s program from Nightingale Conant and have found it to be full of useful ideas for my business. Joe’s enthusiasm is contagious and his marketing expertise helps take the guesswork out of marketing! Thanks, Joe!


Joel and Julie Cohen, Steam Tech, Alaska

We were at our lowest point, (charging our rent on our credit cards) we came across an ad in one of the trade magazines. This guy, Joe Polish, had been “starving” out of the business, too. He’s been in our shoes. But, with a discovery of some marketing strategies, he was able to turn around and make $125,000.00 a year with ONE TRUCK. We thought, “That could be us!!!” Besides, at that point what was one more charge on the credit card, so with a flicker of our dream left we got Joe’s stuff.


Don Deleeuw, Healthy Home Carpet Care, Colorado

I made $60,000 in the first 12 months—using just ONE of Joe’s systems! Since then I’ve made hundreds of thousands more!!!”


Judy Ransom of Day Star Cleaning

So, I’d like to leave you with two very important questions you should be asking yourself:

How can I afford NOT to buy any of Joe’s stuff?

When can I make an appointment to meet with myself, so I can be on my way to achieving my dreams?

If you act now, and keep taking positive action, you WILL succeed!


Robert Peters of Genie Carpet Service

Thanks to Joe Polish, I increased my business by over $100,000.00 the first year I used his program, and with only ONE TRUCK! Thanks again!


Jim Wolverton of Like New Cleaning

Because of Joe and his SYSTEMS, I have been able to get as many new customers as I want. I get an enormous amount of referrals. I am totally unaffected by the competition. I make more money in a 3-day work week than the average carpet cleaner makes from a full month of struggling and suffering. And, best of all, I ENJOY my business!


Bob Bagley of Integrated Cleaning and Restoration

I Was Struggling Along With Traditional Marketing Methods…Until I Discovered Joe Polish And His Marketing SYSTEMS…And I Quickly Built A HIGHLY PROFITABLE Four Truck Operation!


Frank Wolf, D.D.S.

The content, strategies and information in the Piranha Marketing course has accelerated my learning, and by applying those strategies , I have been able to launch my new career in a faster way that is cultivating and attracting pre-qualified, pre-interested, and pre-committed clients into my business. This course is a must for any business owner, regardless of how successful they are!

Frank Ritacco of ATS Marketing

Hey, Sweet Product!

Ron Preston of Brooks Carpet Clinic Ltd.

I joined Piranha @ last boot camp and do not regret that decision one bit. I only regret how slow I seem to be implementing his strategies. However yet again, here Joe is, sending testimonials, documented success strategies by other Platinum members and I again gain the strength and motivation to realize, that with on going implementation of even the smallest step towards any goal, a proven strategy will emerge.

C. Michael Morris of Absolute Carpet Care, Inc.

I wanted to let you know, and you can pass this along to Joe, that we’ve been really successful with several of Joe’s strategies particularly the Healthy Home Newsletter and the “I Miss You” letter. We started the newsletter in December and as of today, (four issues later), we’ve received $15,767 in sales (57 jobs). The “I Miss You” letter was started on, and to date we’ve received $58,645 and 261 jobs. We will have record sales for this first quarter, which is historically our slowest season, and is no doubt a result of these two strategies. So, Thank you all!

Steam King

Piranha Marketing to me is a “Jump-Start” – to get off your butt and DO SOMETHING NOW!

Bob & JoAnne Brunelle of Elite Professional Cleaning

Thanks To Joe we did 68 less jobs last year and did $46,000 more volume. This year our job average is higher than it was last year. I think it says it all.

Nancy Brennan is the Senior Vice President of Marketing of Wells Fargo Home Morgage

I’ve been providing marketing assistance to fully commissioned sales people for 20 years now, so I am thrilled to meet Joe and add some new arrows to the proverbial quiver! I particularly love Joe’s direct delivery and the fact that he’s an absolute scream doesn’t hurt!

Gwen Tebbe of Four Seasons Carpet Cleaning. Inc.

You are a great inspiration for me. I use to be an RN, which is the love of my life, helping people, but I must say now Marketing is the love of my life. The more I read and learn from the material that keeps coming, I believe I have an obsession. I can’t thank your staff enough for always being kind. They had so many phone calls from me for support in a frazzled state of mind. So High 5 for your staff. I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful gifts you give. I would tell anyone, join Piranha with Joe Polish. You will never say your sorry.


Hi, My name is Matthew. I haven’t known Joe very long but this is one person that you have to be close to. Just listening to him attracts money to me!

Joe DeSouze

Thanks for the email…Tell Joe, so far this is the best bang for the buck I’ve ever got from any marketing system offered by anyone, and for a cleaner NOT to sign up for the money map is downright insanity!

Ben Pedersen

There are few people who I take seriously. Joe Polish has been helping me build my business for years! In fact, just one strategy I learned netted me $56, 337.42 in just 48 Hours! If you want RESULTS, you want Joe.

Bobby and Billie Brush of First Choice Cleaning and Restoration

Could we have done it without Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing? Absolutely not! It is not just one thing that Piranha gives you, It is everything. The tremendous ideas from everyone that is involved with Piranha marketing, for one. We get ideas from other carpet cleaners from California all the way to Virginia! If we can do it, you can also. The great thing is we are still growing! Yeah!

Steve Manter of Manter and Sons Certified Technicians

Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing helped take me from a struggling business making $178,000 a year (a HALF business) hard, annoying, lame, and frustrating business to an ELF business, (Easy, Lucrative and Fun) making over $300,000 consistently for three years now. This was all done with Piranha Marketing’s proven marketing strategies and with the help from all the members of the group. Joe Polish saved my business and made a better quality of life for everyone I am surrounded by. Thanks Joe!

John Paris is the owner of Upkeep Carpet & Upholstery

We held our first marketing meeting today. It was awesome… finally a chance to go over all the new material. My partner who was not at the Super Conference, let me decide to go Platinum… at first I could not begin to explain the change that is going to happening for us. Now, only a few weeks later he feels it. That is truly the 1st step. We are implementing different strategies at a steady pace while still not overloading ourselves… With all the access to information we have already received, along with the fact that I now know I am not crazy (thanks to Dr. Hallowell), I can see my big future and the people I need to share it with in life and in business. Piranha ROCKS!!!! Plain and Simple – You all ROCK!!!

Chaim Klein

I’ve listened to many Nightingale Audio programs and Piranha Marketing is only one of 2 that I ended up buying and it wasn’t cheap. I bought it because of the valuable information in it that I know if applied can make me a ton of money.

Marlene Green

One of the best marketers on the planet! Buy everything he has & model his business. He offers great tools & processes that can be used in ANY business! He also had an awesome network as demonstrated by the interviews. Great stuff!

John Gartner

I highly recommend anyone with a passion to succeed in business or their personal life to get involved with Joe’s programs that he offers.

Bill Cole

We grew our total business by over 40% this year and bought 2 new trucks. Several of the ideas we used came from your marketing strategies.

Dr. James S. Vuocolo

The hardest part of taking this course is trying to narrow my focus to just a few different strategies after each call! Joe & Alex are masterful marketers who add layer after layer of value and extra added bonuses to each and every session. I’ve met both of them personally and know them to be of high integrity and wonderful role models of what to do in order to create raving fans – because I’m one of them!

Chris Kerth

Joe I have been involved with several franchise businesses including, 10 Subway locations, Handyman Connection franchise, America’s Liquid Siding and Windows America franchise, all for a major metropolitan area in the U.S. I have sold these businesses and am in search for the next opportunity. While researching the carpet cleaning industry, I came across your web site. WOW what an eye opener! After reviewing what you have to offer even without joining and paying fees, it’s very obvious your system is miles ahead of the franchise organizations. I have joined Piranha marketing and look forward to learning everything I can from you and the individuals and organizations you are affiliated with. Bring it on! I’m ready to soak it up! Your recent fan, Chris.

Mick Moore

Thanks for the valuable info from the two conference calls yesterday. I actually learned something that can be applied! I purchased your workbook and audio program from Night and look forward to making some MONEY!

Bill Blazevich of Four Seasons Carpet Cleaning

Claudia, my assistant, and I have been over the numbers and Four Seasons will exceed well over $300,000.00 in 2005. Not only has Piranha made my business E.L.F. (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun), but it has brought my personal life to W.F.N. (Wanting For Nothing) In the years I have been with Piranha and just 12 months in Platinum Plus, I have paid off over $100,000.00 of credit card debt. I owe all this to Piranha Marketing . Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Jeffrey Crolene

Joe Polish is definitely a shining star among those that claim to be “marketers”. I recently purchased his Boot Camp In-A-Box and got ten times the purchase price in my first two weeks! Unbelievable!

Jason Mitchell of Ace of Clean

I have raised my prices 150% since joining Piranha 20 months ago. I would have never thought this to be possible but my clients are happier than ever. I used to work about 60-70 hours a week cleaning apartments for $20 and now I work 40-45 hours and clean residential homes at an average close to $300.

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Clients & Partners

What People are Saying:

Paula Abdul

Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, Actress and TV Personality

"[The success of The 25K Group] is a testament to who you are, Joe. The fact of the matter is that all of these people would not be pulled together at the same time without someone who has an amazing heart and an amazing mind. I love the way you surround yourself with these great people."

Sir Richard Branson

Billionaire maverick, serial entrepreneur, and founder of the Virgin brand.

“Joe Polish is doggedly determined, never gives up and actually has a big heart and cares about things which you maybe wouldn’t realize when you first met him. You’d think he’s bloody good at the Internet and pulling people together but behind all that he has a very big heart.”

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