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Event Testimonials


Marie Forleo is an Author and Life Coach

Joe’s Boot Camp was a life changing experience. I discovered new ways to use technology that will help me create stronger relationships with my clients, automate my business, and ultimately earn more money with less effort and time.


Babs Smith is the co-founder and CEO of The Strategic Coach Inc. A master at creative strategizing and team building, Babs directs business operations for Strategic Coach® in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., and leads a team of over 100 people.

A fabulous catalyst for us, a whole new world of ideas, opportunity, implementation and execution.

Brian-Kurtz_n (2)

Brian Kurtz is the Executive Vice President of Boardroom Inc.

If anyone thinks that what Joe Polish “teaches” is only for carpet cleaners, they don’t understand the depth of his marketing knowledge and experience. Whether I’ve been at a Boot Camp as an attendee or as a speaker, the experience has made me richer in so many ways…through the ideas I can implement in my business, in the relationships I cultivated while there and in the sharing I was able to do with folks who are as committed to their business and personal lives as I am. In addition, every person Joe Polish has ever introduced me to has added value to my life…and being with him and working with him makes me feel like a marketing giant.


Chris Frederick of Stretch To Win

I just finished my very first Piranha Boot Camp and I have to say that I was extremely impressed by the entire production. From the impressive speakers roster to the rich content relevant to any business owner and entrepreneur, Joe Polish and his team put on the kind of workshop that has literally changed my life for the better. My eyes and mind have opened up to a multitude of achievable ideas–the difference is that Piranha also has the tools to make these ideas become a reality. Thank you Joe and the Piranha Team!!!


Matt Duncan is the owner of Steamway Cleaning & Restoration at Ames, IA. Steamway is sought out by the major carpet manufacturers, Dupont, Solutia, Monsanto, as well as fabric protector manufacturers, 3M, Stainsafe, and Valspar to provide service for their warranty customers.

It’s just been amazing. I feel so inspired after just seeing all of the speakers and learning all of the techniques that are going to help me become a success. I’ve become a true believer in Piranha Marketing.


Kevin Coy is the Vice President and Operations Manager of Boyd’s Cleaning Service – a local carpet cleaning company that has been family owned and operated.

Since the Conference, it’s been two to two and a half months I guess since the Conference and we’ve done about a quarter of a million dollars in business.


John Spears of Signature Carpet Care

I’ve just been blown away by this whole experience here at SuperConference.  I’ve been to many other seminars with trainers and so-called financial gurus and I’ve never seen anybody deliver so much value.


Tim and Jan Holtland

We came here to automate our business a little bit more, to learn…  All you need is one or two elegant ideas and focus on that.  We found our ideas already and it’s only the beginning.


Kim Miller

Every year we’re just blown away with the quality that Joe delivers… Anyone who is interested in coming to one of Joe’s SuperConferences – it will be one of the best decisions you make in your life


Paul Thompson of Town & Country Services

We doubled our carpet cleaning revenues this year based on strategies we got from Platinum Plus.  Great stuff.  Joe’s Great.  Love Piranha.


Ron Preston

Joe always follows through and delivers.  It’s been a great seminar and we’ve learned a lot from the speakers.


Corey Pellerin

Joe never disappoints.  Everything he puts together – the speakers, the information – everything is always way more than you expect.


Joanna Rufo is the owner of Sweeping Beauty Carpet Cleaning

This is the most wonderful organization I’ve ever worked with and I recommend it highly to everyone.  I went from about $4200 a month to last month I made $10,000 – I am so excited.  I love this company


Tim Micklesen

The kind of speakers Joe brings in, the kinds of opportunities that he presents to us – it just literally blows me out of the water.  There’s something here for everybody… there is an opportunity here – all you gotta do is come take advantage of them


Perry Leier is the owner of Superior Steam Cleaning, Inc.

Anybody that’s thinking about getting involved with the program and wants to change their lives, go Platinum Plus and Piranha Marketing…  It’ll change your life, period… so give it a shot.



This conference has been absolutely phenomenal…  The conference has been great, the networking has been great, the information has been great.  It’s a conference that you’ve got to attend – you’ll be glad you did.


David Burrows

I just wish that this type of marketing was around when I started and I would probably be a multi-millionaire by now!



This has been a great conference to me because it opened my eyes to a lot of new things, especially as it relates to marketing – how you reach out and touch your client, how you generate repeat business, how you develop that clientele and how you push them to your website.


Arthur Roofsman

This man is a genius when it comes to marketing… I highly recommend you check out one of Joe’s SuperConferences – it will help you make a lot more money.


An Attendee of SuperConference

It’s a great experience, great knowledge, great speakers, great staff – it’s just amazing… If you’re not coming out here, you are missing out.


Andres Tobar is the owner of Ultra Clean Carpet Systems. The company specializes in carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, or even upholstery cleaning.

Since the Conference, we’ve been able to get about 125 new clients and they’re mostly all high-end.  So it’s been a benefit.  You know our company just keeps on growing.”“Since the Conference, we’ve been able to double our business.


Dr. James McAnally is a Leading Dental Marketing Consultant Expert National recognized as a top consultant by Dentistry Today, Dr. McAnally’s time is spent either directly with Program and Academy Members, in direct hands on development of innovative new strategies benefiting members, in private presentations with Members at in-person meetings, and in private consulting sessions limited to 1-3 practices.

It’s a great experience to come here and get a wealth of business information.


Stan Foster, BridgeGAP CEO, Entrepreneur and Film Producer. Bridgegap marketing is about optimizing the connections between online marketing, offline marketing and mobile marketing.

I’ve learned more brilliant ideas today than I have in the last five years.


Pat Kahldal is the owner of Classic Carpet Cleaning in Kansas. Classic Carpet Cleaning is certified with the IICRC.

Since the Rich Cleaner Conference we have increased our revenues by over $8,000 in one month.


Tammy Barrow of Fairy Tale Tent & Party Rentals and Health-Vac Carpet Cleaning

Joe, I owe so much to you! I really don’t think I would have had the knowledge much less the courage to operate 2 totally different businesses without your help!


Charles Staley

I’ve been to 3 Piranha Marketing Boot Camps and believe me, 3 days with Joe Polish is worth 3 years in most business schools. Don’t make me come over there— stop expecting different results with the same behaviors…call Joe today— you’ll thank me later!


Sandi White is a Transcriptionist Extraordinaire

I’ve known Joe since 1998, and he’s definitely one of the most sincere people I’ve ever known. He is also the most creative marketing person I’ve ever known (and I’ve worked with almost 100 marketing “experts” over the years). You’d have to be stupid not to try Joe’s strategies just the way he presents them to you. He puts all the other so-called experts to shame, because he tests every strategy to make sure they work like gangbusters before he ever passes them on to you.


Brian Bontz of Crystal Clean Carpet Car

This was my second Boot Camp. Last year’s was great! This year’s Boot Camp was even better and I will be able to implement much more because of the systems given.


Eric S. Varney of Varney Clean Care

I have attended the Boot Camp 3 of the last 4 years. Each year I am amazed at the growth and the strength of the Piranha Marketing Group and what they have to offer. Our business has grown well over $100,000.00…


Debbie Deal of Integrity Cleaning Services

It is so wonderful for Cleaners to come together, share ideas, share what is working, lots of energy and lots of wonderful positive people. I walked away with so many great ideas. We are going to start implementing immediately.


Louis Hernandez of Dynaclean Professional Services LLC.

I’ve seen so much growth from my 1st Boot Camp last year…I left with so much my head was spinning…and this year was even better. If you have an open mind, these tools can change your life.


Robert Pettyjohn of Pettyjohn’s Cleaning & Restoration

The fellow cleaners, and relationships we’ve been able to establish…it’s the best!


Jeff and Sheri White

I took 5 pages of notes in just the 1st few hours…I can’t believe how many ideas were presented…and they are all PROVEN! I need a bigger folder. Things were stressful and depressing before we came to Boot Camp. We were uncertain about our income and it was an emotional roller coaster. Every year we learn more and more and it has been the best decision we have ever made.


Nancy Crites of Certified Carpet Systems

In just a few short years…we’re up to half a MILLION dollars per year!


Brett Brodie of MaxCare

Every year Joe promises that next years Boot Camp will be the best ever. I do not see how he can keep topping himself. This is my fourth Boot Camp…and it was the BEST EVER. I will never miss another Boot Camp.


Ken Pistoresi of CleanSweep Carpet & Fabric Care

Boot Camp teaches you to think differently and dissolve those mental barriers that were holding me back. This is better than a $200,000 college degree. No matter what your goals are you can get it with what you learn at Boot Camp. I can now go back and create an ELF business. My Dreams are attainable.


Howell Schechter of Maintenance Service Industries, Inc.

The whole Piranha Marketing experience has made my business experience both more profitable and fun. Sales are up about 22% this year but profits are up about 90%.


John Cattermole

Business is about results that start with ideas. That’s what I found at this years bootcamp…Three ideas that have begun to yield results already! I wanted my next week to be different as a result of the bootcamp and it was. My plan is deliberate and specific. Another thing I really enjoyed about the boot camp is that not only were the speakers and the material offered top notch, but I was also impressed with the participants. These are people who sincerely want excellent businesses just like me! Thanks Joe.


Eric Bollman of Haines and Cross

Each year we come home excited and loaded with new info.[This was the...] Best Boot Camp ever.


Tim Mickelsen of Clean Your Carpets, Inc.

I have a complaint! Since joining Piranha I’m having too much fun, making lots of money working less and enjoying life more than ever. Piranha has taught me that marketing is the life blood of a business. Successful marketing makes life fun and rewarding.


Matt Kendall

My story is a little different from most, I heard about you because my flatmate is a Carpet Cleaner and he gave me your Boot Camp DVD’s to watch. I started my own company in September 2005 and I had been studying all your materials and other people’s too before I started so I had a running start at it. My business has never lost money and it is growing every day.


Jeff Bauer

What I’ve learned at this Boot Camp will take me to the next level! WOW!  The ‘Campaign Creation Checklist’ by itself is worth the price of attending.


Paul Douglas of Douglas Home Cleaning

I have never failed to make money from the ideas I have IMPLEMENTED from Piranha Marketing and from the Boot Camps.The Boot Camp has been by far the most rewarding experience ever. That is because I am now leaving with the blue print to take my business to the next level!

Tim Dulany is an Associate Broker of Principal Landmark TCN

You have told me to come to your seminars for 2 years now and finally made it to your 3 day Bootcamp event in Scottsdale. What an amazing event!! Being an owner of a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Investment company, there were many technology time saving and business generating items that can be applied to my business immediately without costing a lot of money.

Victor Jakpor

Hi Joe, thanks for the opportunity to attend your Piranha Marketing Bootcamp. It was filled with a lot information to take any business to the big league of his industry. For me, I really enjoy the Technology of the Direct Response Marketing-The Instant Audio Service. I have resolved to attend every year of the Bootcamp.

Jason Braddock of Pinnacle Carpet Care, Inc.

I have received so many ideas and can pay for the Boot Camp cost 10 times over by the end of the year with just one of them.

Dennis Mamelson of Ajax Carpet Service

I can’t wait till next year to relate to all the success this old dog has achieved through the new tricks I have implemented. The [Boot Camp] experience was better than the expectation – like a kid waiting for Christmas. See you next year.

Melvin Lorg of Mel’s World Class Carpet Cleaning

This is my 4th or 5th Boot Camp with Piranha and every year seems to get better and better. The Boot Camps are so awesome it’s hard to put on paper. I honestly believe I would not be in business if it weren’t for your marketing. It has changed my life as I hear it has changed so many other Carpet Cleaners too.

Jeff Klinkenhammer of Doctor K’s Carpet Cleaning

You will learn more in one day than I have in 8 years. And the manual was the best thing…tons of proven ads and materials I can use in my business right now. This alone was worth coming here for. My business is on its way to being easy, lucrative and fun

Wayne Filer of Accent Cleaning

I met great guys at the last Boot Camp who I continue to network with. In the months of March, April and May my sales are up 350% from last year…but the best part is my NET PROFITS are up a whopping 4,000%. Talk about easy…lucrative…and fun! Incredible!

W.G. Bill Martin of All Pro Carpet Cleaners

The best money I have ever spent. This [Boot Camp] is going to be the best thing that ever happened to my business.

Dean Pilquist of Carpet Clean

Absolutely phenomenal! …I pay over $175,000 a year in franchise fees and have never received anything like what we just got the last few days at the Boot Camp. Thanks Joe. Job well done!

David W. Stover of Integrated Carpet Cleaning

Ordinary people like myself with the terrific Piranha Support team, proven systems, access to great marketing minds, mentoring and genuine desire all rise up above the mediocre and do great things! See you at the top!

Andrew “Fluffy” Walker of AJW Specialist Cleaning

Yet again Joe Polish delivered his usual obnoxious, amusing, entertaining but more importantly very informative Boot Camp. Thanks Joe, and see you next year for another breath of fresh air.

Steve McNeill

This has to be the best Boot Camp out of the three I’ve now been to. They just get better. I now have nearly all the tools to take my business and personal life to the next level. I would even recommend this to my nearest competitor in my area.

Larry Conn

I have no material in my 171 book, 185 video tape and 2000+ audio tape personal development library that I feel to be of greater value and efficacy, than the ones given out at the Boot Camp. The materials I received are the best tools to “steer the ship” I have ever seen!

Karen Wharton of Wharton Carpet Services

My husband has attended Boot Camp in the past & we decided to both attend this year. It has been fantastic…

Ralph Zuranski

I have attended many Internet Marketing seminars and have to say I was more impressed with the Piranha Marketing Boot Camp than any other seminar. I am incorporating your Piranha Marketing techniques into the marketing strategies of all my clients. It is great to find techniques that work every time when they are applied correctly.

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Clients & Partners

What People are Saying:

Paula Abdul

Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, Actress and TV Personality

"[The success of The 25K Group] is a testament to who you are, Joe. The fact of the matter is that all of these people would not be pulled together at the same time without someone who has an amazing heart and an amazing mind. I love the way you surround yourself with these great people."

Sir Richard Branson

Billionaire maverick, serial entrepreneur, and founder of the Virgin brand.

“Joe Polish is doggedly determined, never gives up and actually has a big heart and cares about things which you maybe wouldn’t realize when you first met him. You’d think he’s bloody good at the Internet and pulling people together but behind all that he has a very big heart.”

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