If I dont get this off my chest, Im going to explode

Joe Polishs Marketing Boot Camp In-A-Box Reveals


How Any Carpet Cleaner Can Become A Millionaire In Less Than 5 Years!!!




Dear Cleaning Professional,


By the time you finish reading this letter, you will be well on your way to becoming a millionaire perhaps maybe even a




Heres why


On October 21st, 22nd and 23rd of 2004, five hundred twenty seven (527!) Carpet Cleaners from all over the world gathered at the Radisson Resort Convention Center in Scottsdale, Arizona to discover the most intense money-making, business-building secrets ever revealed to carpet cleaning business owners anywhere in the history of this industry.


For 3 solid days and nights a panel of experts comprised of several of the wealthiest carpet cleaners on the planet, a million dollar a year Rug Cleaning Specialist, a carpet cleaning internet marketing genius, a New York Times best-selling author and Super Entrepreneur whos worth hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as a variety of other millionaire marketing/selling experts all gathered together and revealed in step-by-step detail



Exactly How Anyone In The Carpet, Upholstery, & Rug Cleaning Business

Can Quickly Transform Their Business Into An Auto Pilot, Well-Oiled

Millionaire-Making Money Machine Practically Overnight!!!



Lets be honest though right now you are probably saying to yourself, Yeah right! Here we go again with one of those clever, conniving, hard-sell pitches thats designed to make me fork over a bunch of my hard-earned cash all for the purpose of making someone else rich!


You are thinking that arent you?



Thats okay.

Really it is.


Probably half of the people in attendance at this Marketing Boot Camp shared those same skeptical feelings right up until the moment before the 3-day seminar began.


However 30 minutes into day one of the boot camp most attendees couldnt sit still. The excitement in their eyes was like that of a child tearing into presents early on Christmas morning. Several peoples jaws dropped wide open in disbelief as they discovered money making secret after money making secret after money making secret.




It Was A Veritable Nuclear Explosion of Ideas

Worth Millions Of Dollars

To Carpet Cleaners!



For starters, master marketer Joe Polish took the stage and had his staff distribute a Million Dollar Marketing Secret Weapons manual. This manual is close to 300 pages, and over 3 inches thick! It is the most comprehensive manual EVER put together for Boot Camp and it contains an arsenal of the fastest cash producing marketing secrets known to the cleaning industry. There are PROVEN yellow page ads, marketing checklists and flow charts, headlines, newspaper ads, Val-Pak ads, postcards, flyers, referral systems, direct mail pieces and much morethat have already made millions of dollars for successful Piranha Members. You can steal, borrow, or lift these out directly for use in your own cleaning business. It would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and assemble this collection on your own (if you even could), yet everyone who attended Joes Marketing Boot Camp got it FREE! (And you can too.) More on that in a moment.



Joe began by introducing his E.L.F. strategies (customer-generating techniques that are making Carpet Cleaners millions!) The Carpet Cleaners in the audience were besides themselves when he started to go over these Easy, Lucrative, Fun strategies that were virtually unheard of by most in attendance.


Imagine how much more enjoyable it would be for YOU if, when you went into work each morning, you were able to see that your business was running for you on auto-pilot! Thats what Joes ELF system is all about making your life (as a Carpet Cleaner)






& Fun     


During this segment of the marketing boot camp, those in attendance discovered




n            How one of Joes students (Robert Peters) averages an astounding $440.00 per carpet cleaning job and how you can do the same or maybe even better!!!


n            The #1 Most Important Element of Marketing that every single one of your prospects is secretly asking themselves. (Failure to address this important issue in all of your marketing results in thousands of $$$ in lost income every month!)


n            The millionaire makers approach to running a business and why all multi-millionaires follow this Golden Rule that guarantees incredible success.


n            How to get 36 hours out of a 24 hour day!


n            Little-known strategies that enable you to break through the mental barriers which hold back 99% of all entrepreneurs from achieving financial independence.


n            An amazing secret element missing from almost all carpet cleaners advertising that can compound your marketing efforts by at least 1,000%.


n            Virtually unheard of psychological elements that help you to break into the high ticket market of customers who are more than happy to pay you top-dollar for your services. (This little trick can double your income practically overnight!)


n            Hot tips and insights from several of the most successful carpet cleaning business owners on the planet and how you can mirror their actions to duplicate their mind-blowing success & wealth in your own business.


n            And much, much more!





After a short break, there was a special guest speaker a gentleman by the name of Mark Victor Hansen. (Mark is co-creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul book series.) More than 100 MILLION copies of his books have been sold worldwide. (Believe me this guy sure knows how to teach carpet cleaners How to Sell.) Wow, THIS GUY WAS AMAZING!!!!



Mark taught the audience, How To Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets With Absolute Certainty!



Now that might sound like a bunch of Rah! Rah! Motivational bull-stuff to you, however, I sat there listening not even batting an eye lash as he spoke his words of wisdom and I was astonished! What he shared with the audience was the absolute stripped away, non-sugarcoated secret roadmap that anyone (including carpet cleaners) can use to achieve great wealth.





This was it. It was the secret that everyone was looking for.



If you were lucky enough to have been able to sit in and listen to his life-changing gospel, you would have almost certainly felt like jumping out of your seat screaming



Im Gonna Be Rich!!!

Im Gonna Be Rich!!!



It was that good!



Heres part of what he covered

n            3 simple steps to achieving all of your financial goals in less than 5 years!


n            Marks unequivocal #1 secret Golden Rule that every entrepreneur must adhere to if they truly want to become a millionaire.


n            The greatest sales secret of all time? A simple way to make yourself virtually rejection-proof. (Imagine never having to face the fear of rejection ever again!!!)


n            Marks sales & marketing secret weapon that enabled him to sell over a billion dollars worth of books and how it can make you rich in this business of cleaning carpets.


n            If youre struggling with achieving your financial goals youre probably not doing enough___________! (Knowledge and proper implementation of this strategy will result in your financial independence within the next 5 years.)


n            A unique approach to goal setting that will skyrocket your income within the next 30 days!


n            The only 3 ways to increase your sales Now! (What they dont teach students at the Harvard school of business.)




One of the best things about Mark Victor Hansens lesson was that it was all caught on video. Every single one of his secrets that you can use to become insanely rich were captured so that those who have the taping/ DVD can view, re-view and take notes on everything in the comfort of their own home (or office).


Choosing to video tape this entire seminar was probably the smartest thing Joe Polish has ever done in his life! (Give that man a cigar! Heck Ill be watching these DVDs over and over againand I was there!!!)



Next up on deck at the boot camp was a guy named Jeff Troyer. When I first heard what Jeff was going to be speaking next, I almost said to myself, Man, this is a good time to go take a nice long bathroom break. (Just kidding Jeff!) J


Fortunately, I decided to stick around and listen to him show the audience (who sat there wide-eyed) How To Completely Automate All Your Lead Generation Advertising & Effortlessly Nurture Your Client Base.


What this all amounted to, was that everyone in the audience discovered



How To Earn An Extra

$25,000.00-$50,000.00 A Year

Even If Youre

A Lazy Sack of Potatoes!



During the presentation, Jeff revealed



n            How to get $7,000,000.00+ worth of high-tech, client-generating business equipment working for your carpet cleaning business selling for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week for just pennies a day!!!


n            An amazingly simple, practically effortless way to pre-qualify your prospects. (Imagine having so much business that you are able to pick and choose who you want to do work for.)


n            Why less than 25% of all junk mail ever gets opened and what you can do to make sure that 98% of all your mailings get opened and read.


n            The only real, reliable way to completely automate all of your lead generation advertising & effortlessly build rapport with your customers so that they never forget about you and continuously refer all their friends and family members to you month after month after month.


n            How to stay in touch with your entire client database for less than 10 cents per client per month!


n            A 100% legal way to capture the name and telephone # (even if its an unlisted #) of almost everyone in your market who is seriously interested in hiring a carpet cleaner.


n            How one of Joes students spent $81 on an advertisement that generated over $9,000.00 in carpet cleaning jobs and how you can duplicate that same strategy.


n            A secret way to do effective voice broadcasting that can triple the response to any type of advertising campaign. (This dirt-cheap technique is a true short-cut to wealth.)





I swear even if youre a lazy, semi-motivated, I wanna sleep til 10:00 a.m. Carpet Cleaner with the information Jeff shared, youre gonna be able to earn an extra 25-50 grand per year. (Notice how I said per year? I said per year because once you get these low-cost AUTOMATED systems in place they will continue to work for you automatically year after year even if you are a lazy sack of potatoes.)



Alrighty, lets keep moving.


Does your Carpet Cleaning business have a website?


Is it making your telephone ring off the hook?



Actually, I know of very few people who are making a killing generating clients off the internet with their Carpet Cleaning business. However, thats about to change for anyone who attended this years 2004 marketing Boot Camp. (And for anyone who views the DVDs of the seminar.)



At this years Boot Camp two experts revealed little-known website marketing secrets that can make any Carpet Cleaner a small fortune. (Im talking about the kind of secrets that will have your competitors scratching their heads wondering why their website hits and visitors have mysteriously dried up and have gone elsewhere like over to your website!!!)



Two website marketing gurus by the name of Ron Howard and Kevin Thompson dazzled the audience by revealing


n            How to get a killer client-generating, ready-to-go carpet cleaning website valued at $3,900.00 for FREE!


n            How to create automatic streams of internet income almost overnight in your carpet cleaning business using Kevin Thompsons internet strategies that 99.999% of all carpet cleaners are clueless about. (This bad boy technique will have your phone ringing off the hook!)


n            The Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Customer-Generating Internet Marketing Secret and how you can use it every single month to generate dozens of high-ticket carpet cleaning clients.


n            How to make your computer more effective at picking up new clients than a $50.00/hr. telemarketer.


n            Why computers are going to play such a big role in the acquisition of Carpet Cleaning clients over the next 5 years and how to make sure you cash in with greater efficacy than all your competitors!


Whether or not you currently use a website to generate clients for your Carpet Cleaning business, you MUST view these money-making mini-seminars that no sane business owner can live without. (Youre letting too much money fall into the hands of your competitors and watching these mini-courses in the comfort of your home will almost instantly put an end to all that theft.)

The next special guest speaker at the boot camp was Bill Phillips. Bill is an incredibly successful 40 year old mega-millionaire who founded EAS sports nutrition company and went on to write the New York Times best-selling book Body for Life. As a favor to Joe, Bill hopped on his private Lear jet and flew out to the boot camp to share his secrets to massive wealth with more than 500 Carpet Cleaners.


He spent over $40,000 of his own money just on jet fuel to come speak, and he wouldnt accept a dime as payment. In fact, he insisted that his entire speaking fee be donated to our local Make-A-Wish foundation. What a guy! (He showed up looking like a rock star buy the wayyoull see it all on the DVDs.)


Anyway, the audience was thrilled!!! I mean come on



How Much Would You Pay

To Listen To And Pick The Brain Of

An Entrepreneur Whos Worth Close To




The information Bill shared with the audience was practically





He shared his fundamental wealth-building secrets that nobody understands with an audience who promised to keep an open mind. I personally was taking notes like a mad-man!



Included in the session was


n            Bills Transformation of Selling secret that can make anyone a multi-millionaire in just a few short years.


n            The 3 rules of selling that almost every person on the planet breaks costing them millions of dollars in lost sales and opportunities.


n            Bills amazing Would you do it for____________? question that can make the difference between your earning $50,000 or 5 MILLION dollars each year.


n            A rarely seen side of Bill Phillips in which he discusses the philosophical elements of Spiritual Marketing and how he has used them to manifest millions of dollars in profits in just a few short years.


n            A frank, no-holds-barred, non-sugarcoated discussion as to why Bill Phillips and Joe Polish have achieved such mega-success.



n            How Bill incorporates 4 magic words into every one of his businesses that virtually guarantees million dollar results in less than 365 days and how you can apply those same principles to your business.


n            The two Power Questions Bill asks himself every time he creates a business plan that turns to gold.


n            And much, MUCH more!



When Bill finished speaking and answering a ton of questions, he received a standing ovation and wild applause! It was like being at an Elvis Presley or the Beatles concert! I told youhe was like a rock star!


Everyone in attendance was thrilled with what they learned from this world-famous celebrity. And he was even generous enough to GIVE everyone a FREE copy of his newest book, Eating-For-Life.


(Youll also get a copy of this book when you get these DVDs!)





How much of your Carpet Cleaning business income comes from rug cleaning?



Whether its a little or a lot youre going to want to view and listen to Lisa Wagners amazing presentation about Rug Secrets: An Insiders Guide To Making Serious Money In Rug Cleaning.


Lisa is co-owner of Blatchfords Rug Cleaning in San Diego, California. She operates one of the most profitable rug cleaning businesses in North America. To put it mildly



Lisa Knows How You Can Become Very Wealthy

Very Quickly By Offering Rug Cleaning

To Your Customers!



If you would like to discover how to make an extra $25,000.00-$100,000.00 each and every year through rug cleaning (even if you already offer this service to your customers) then you need to hire Lisa Wagner for a day of consulting at the rate of $3,900.00/day and find out her secrets. It will be the bargain of a lifetime for YOU and your bank account. If you cannot afford to do that, then your only other option is to view her presentation at Joes 2004 Marketing Boot Camp by getting your hands on the 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box.



The next guest speaker at Joes boot camp was Ken Glickman of Boardroom Reports Inc. Ken is a genius. At the seminar, Ken discussed in great detail, The I-Power Results and Continuous Improvement Success Program that highly successful companies like Ford Motor Company, Rubbermaid, FedEx, American Red Cross, LANCỒME Cosmetics, the Los Angeles Dodgers and many others have used to skyrocket their profits and make (and save) millions! Its used by thousands of companies all across the country including Universities, The Marines and individual entrepreneurs to achieve miraculous results.


And of course Joe Polish and the Piranha Marketing team use it to make their business run like a well-oiled money-making machine.


Heres some of what Ken covered in his presentation



q       How to dramatically increase the performance and efficiency of everyone on your staff (including you) resulting in a wildly successful business that will soon offer you the option of an early retirement.


q       How to easily and effortlessly systemize every aspect of your business. (This little dandy of an idea take only a few minutes every week to put into effect and youll see almost immediate results and improvements in every area of your business and your life!)


q       How the implementation of the I-Power program catapulted Boardroom Inc. from doing $25 Million to over $100 Million in just 4 years all without adding additional employees, equipment, or resources!



Once you listen to Kens presentation in a matter of days youll start enjoying the easy, lucrative and fun Carpet Cleaning business that you always dreamed about.


This is for real.


Do not miss out on this life-changing event.



In addition to all the speakers you just finished reading about, there were a number of other people at Joes marketing boot camp who spilled their guts and revealed in step-by-step detail exactly how you (or any honest/ethical carpet cleaner) can earn gobs and gobs of money year after year after year in this business.



These people included Joes right hand man Tim Paulson (former Vice President of Hair Club for Men) as well as dozens of Joes Platinum Plus members (an exclusive coaching club made up of several of the most successful Carpet Cleaners in the world.)



Also, throughout the 3-day seminar there were brainstorming meetings, presentations, and the revelation of a variety of customer-generating techniques that almost nobody in this industry is using or has even heard about. And best of all since you werent able to be there live youll be glad to know that



It Was All Caught On




On these DVDs in short youre going to find out in excruciating step-by-step detail



How Any Carpet Cleaner Can

Become A Millionaire

In Less Than 5 Years!!!




So what about you? What are you doing today to ensure youre going to become a carpet cleaning millionaire within the next 5 years? (Your answer to that question is critically important!)


Wellbecause you missed my Boot Camp and did not get all the tools and strategies and motivation that everyone who attended gotthen its important for you to know that


There is Only One Way You

Can Re-attend



YOU CAN NOW re-attend the Boot Camp from the comfort of your easy chair at home with what I call the 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box.



Why Boot Camp In-A-Box?



You can get the precise strategies that some of the worlds most successful cleaners are using simply, everyday, to earn more money, in easier ways, while working lessand you dont even have to leave your home you dont even have to get off the couch to get them!
(Yes, now even couch potatoes can discover the secrets to getting rich! Heres how)


The 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box is a powerful, simple way to experience the entire Boot Camp without leaving home. It consists of


  1. The entire three days (everything) recorded live by a professional video crew! These recordings are raw, unedited and the next best thing to being there. Youll watch in the comfort of your own home as every speaker uncovers their top secrets for business and personal successnothing left out! AND With these recordings, youll be inspired, motivated and guided by some of the best minds on the planet! Think about how much better (and profitable) each day will be. Youll get more referrals. Your up-sells will be higher. Your clients will be happier. And much, much more! How can you afford not to have these recordings in your possession to use everyday? AND


2. The same huge almost 300 page MILLION DOLLAR MARKETING SECRET WEAPONS Personal Seminar Manual that those who attended live got it is KILLER!!! This years 10th Year Anniversary Million Dollar Marketing Secret Weapons Manual is the most comprehensive we have EVER put together! Its 3 inches thick, nearly 300 pages of pure marketing dynamite!


This is a massive resource filled with proven yellow page ads, reference tools, special reports, marketing checklists, headlines, sales-letters, postcards, flyers, voice-broadcast scripts, powerful van designs, and much more! You can steal, borrow and use them immediately in your own Cleaning Business. These are PROVEN marketing pieces that have already made millions for some of our most successful Piranha Members. Why not see what THEY are using and just swipe it?


Ill tell you, this ONE resource alone was worth more than the entire admission for Boot Camp!


3. PLUSyoull get every single handout that the attendees received. Almost every speaker had additional handouts and ideas youll absolutely want to use in your business (Youll also get a snazzy Piranha Marketing tote bag to carry everything inwhile supplies last!)


ANDcheck this out! If you can make a smart decision immediately


  1. You ALSO get a FREE WEBSITE!!! Thats rightin spite of the fact that you were not able to be here attending liveyou can still get the element of the Boot Camp that so many people are excited aboutthe revenue producing, job creating FREE WEBSITE (Piranha Member Kevin Thompson has made over $64,867.00 extra in his business in Seattle with this website!). By the way, the website is valued at over $3,900.00 and is designed to attract a flood of new clients to your business! Its yours free if you want it! All you pay is a ridiculously low monthly hosting fee.


The bottom line is this: You get everything you would have received if you had attended the Boot Camp live in person!


Of course, theres nothing like coming to a live Boot Camp. I mean, being able to get out of your business and hang out with like-minded individuals from all over the world is an awesome experience. But Im telling you right now the 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box is the next best thing to being here live!


ANDthere are even some major advantages to getting the 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box over attending live!!!!


For example


With the 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box , you DONT have to pay to fly to Arizonayou DONT have to fight through airport securityyou didnt have to endure some screaming little kid kicking the back of your seat throughout the entire flightyou DONT have to pay to stay at a hotelyou DONT have to take time out of your business for several daysyou DONT have to pay expenses or ground transportation. All in all, youre probably saving hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars by NOT coming to the Boot Camp.



with the 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box , you get to watch, listendiscoverREWIND or pause to make sure you get a strategybe blown away by a great idea and listen to it again and pick and choose what you want to focus on so you can clearly understand and see how to IMPLEMENT the best success strategies on the planet!


Again, this Boot Camp was all about IMPLEMENTATIONso being able to watch and listen to the tapes at your leisure could be a distinct advantage in your being able to implement the heck out of the strategies and ideas that will be presented


All From The Comfort of

Your Own Home!



Okay, now for the part that I believe you will really enjoy get thisthe 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box is GUARANTEED to help you make an extra $25,000.00 in the next 6 months, or you get DOUBLE Your Money Back!



Better Than Risk-Free

Double Your Money Back,

Double Guarantee!



  1. 90 Days Unconditional! Get the Boot Camp In A Box, tear into it, watch the DVDs/videos, go through all the free bonuses and handouts, try out some of the strategies in your businessandif youre not satisfied, for any reason or no reason at allreturn it, and youll get an immediate, no questions asked refund of every cent you paid! No hard feelings.

  2. 6 Months Conditional Double Your Money Back! Get the package, do just a few things Joe will ask you to do (that youll want to do anywayif youre serious) and, if you dont make at least an extra $25,000.00 in the next six months, Joe will cut you a check for double what you paid! (Dont worry, you wont have to do anything unreasonable or drastic. Just a few simple steps that, as I said before, youll want to do anywayifyou are serious about having a successful carpet cleaning business. Full details and instructions will be included with your package.)


Whats All This Going

To Cost? Actually Nothing!


You see, research reveals that this package (at a bare minimum) addson averagean extra $153.85 in profit to your cleaning business a day! (Thats just average, many cleaners do much better. Heck, just look at the astonishing results Steve Cameron achieved in his business! He had an increase of over $110,000.00!) Anyway, the price of the package is $1,597. So, in just 11 working days time, after you start to implement the strategies, it will pay for itself. Think about this: The 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box

pays for itself in just over two weeks. And, if you decide not to get and use it, youll throw away at least $153.85 every working day for the rest of your life! (Or, as long as you own a Carpet Cleaning business.) And, since I know some people may be a little tight on moneyIve arranged a way for you to pay in



3 Easy Payments!


Use your credit card and you can pay 1/3 now, 1/3 in 30 days and the last 1/3 in 60 days. Thats just 3 easy payments of $532.33 each. (A shipping and handling charge of $35 will be added to the first payment.) When you pay like this, youll only be putting $567.33 on the line initially. And even then, you should be able to recoup that in just a few days time. Then, you can use the extra profits youll make to pay the next two payments!


And, youre never really putting any money on the line! The Boot Camp In A Box must pay for itself, just like I say it will, or you can return it anytime (within 90 days) for a full and immediate, no questions asked refund! And dont forget, after 90 days (up until 6 months) youve got the conditional, Double Your Money Back Guarantee for extra protection! Theres simply no way for you to lose! It works and pays for itself or youre rewarded with either all or double your money back!


The only conceivable way you could lose is, if you choose to do nothing. And, I promise youll never get anywhere in life if thats your choice. Youll end up living a life of if onlys, could haves, should haves and would haves.


Youve already shown a lot more promise than most people just by reading this letter. Now live up to that promise by going all the way andjoin the elite in your industry.



Its your choice. I cant make the choice for you. But, you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and your employees to at least give it a risk-free try and find out just how good you and your business can be! This is one decision you literally cant afford ($153.85 lost or gained every day) not to take action on right now!



Its Easy To Order!


For Extra Fast Service, call





Call 1- 800-275-2643 (between the hours of 7:30am to 4:30pm Arizona Time, Monday through Friday) and tell Mike, Eunice, Gina, Elizabeth, or myself that you want the October 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box As soon as the program is edited, the package will be rushed to you via



2nd-day UPS delivery.



Thats all there is to it! Order nowandvery soon youll know why this event is always such an overwhelming successandhow it can make you an overwhelming success too!








  Tony Torres

Joe Polishs Personal Scribe





p.s. BUT WAITTHERES MORE!!! Are you still a little unsure about laying out that kind of dough for this package? Then heres some great news and a special offer to reward you if you act quickly


These DVDs are being professionally edited right now, and by the time everything is ready to go it will most likely be the end of December.


But if you ORDER A SET NOW, we will give you a very special, pre-publication discount.


How much is this discount?


A Whopping $600.00!!!


Thats right, if you order before April 29, your investment for this incredible package will be only $997and yes, you can break it up into three payments!



So DONT DELAYorder your copy today!



Remember, Its Easy To Order!


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Call 1-800-275-2643 or overseas orders Call 1-480-858-0008, (between the hours of 7:30am to 4:30pm Arizona Time, Monday through Friday) and tell me, Mike, Eunice, Gina or Elizabeth you want the October 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box As soon as the program is edited, the package will be rushed to you via 2-day UPS delivery.


  Order TODAY!



What Others are saying About The 10th Anniversary Boot Camp Experience!



Ive seen so much growth from my 1st Boot Camp last yearI left with so much my head was spinningand this year was even better. If you have an open mind, these tools can change your life.

Louis Hernandez



I took 5 pages of notes in just the 1st few hoursI cant believe how many ideas were presentedand they are all PROVEN! I need a bigger folder. Things were stressful and depressing before we cam to Boot Camp. We were uncertain about our income and it was an emotional roller coaster. Every year we learn more and more and it has been the best decision we have ever made. Whatever it costs to get here, whether you have to put it on a credit card, and if you have to beg your parents or your neighborit is such a small amount compared to what you get back. The first speaker today [Mark Victor Hansen] I got more than my moneys worth. We had at least TEN of those $50 ideasjust the first day!

-Jeff and Sheri White


Most Carpet Cleaners know hot to clean a carpet, but they do not know how to market. Over 550 enthusiastic cleaners discovered the secrets to getting their foot in the door, and the program Joe put together is incredible.

Brian Kurtz


Every year Joe promises that next years Boot Camp will be the best ever. I do not see how he can keep topping himself. This is my fourth Boot Campand it was the BEST EVER. I will never miss another Boot Camp.

Brett Brodie


It is so wonderful for Cleaners to come together, share ideas, share what is working, lots of energy and lots of wonderful positive people. I walked away with so many great ideas. We are going to start implementing immediately.

-Debbie Deal


You will learn more in one day than I have in 8 years. And the manual was the best thingtons of proven ads and materials I can use in my business right now. This alone was worth coming here for. My business is on its way to being easy, lucrative and fun.

Jeff Klinkenhammer


Boot Camp teaches you to think differently and dissolve those mental barriers that were holding me back. This is better than a $200,000 college degree. No matter what your goals are you can get it with what you learn at Boot Camp. I can now go back and create and EFL business. My Dreams are attainable.

Ken Pistoresi.





Are you ready to experience the transformational magic of Boot Camp for yourself?


THEN DONT DELAYorder your copy today!



Remember, Its Easy To Order!


For Extra Fast Service, call




Call 1-800-275-2643 or overseas orders Call 1-480-858-0008, (between the hours of 7:30am to 4:30pm Arizona Time, Monday through Friday) and tell me, Mike, Eunice, Gina or Elizabeth you want the October 2004 Boot Camp In-A-Box As soon as the program is edited, the package will be rushed to you via 2-day UPS delivery.


  Order TODAY!






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