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Are You Ready...for an Easy, Lucrative, and Fun Business?

With more than ten years of tranforming thousands of companies in the cleaning industry with proven marketing and business building strategies, tools, and systems...we've discovered that the most important element to creating transformational "success stories" is choosing the RIGHT companies as clients. "Right" has nothing to do with finances - it has to do with PEOPLE. Business is a partnership, and we like to work with people who are ready to learn, ready to open their minds to new ways of thinking of their company, and ready to have fun. Whoever said "work is hard" wasn't a Piranha Member. Let's see if you're ready to become one...and creat your own success story.

All information received will be held in strict confidence. We hate spam and you won't get any from us. We never rent, sell, or trade information on our Clients. Our Privacy Policy can be accessed from the link at the bottom of this page.


Check all of the following that apply: (Be honest - remember, we're not concerned with what you've done in the past, but rather want to get a true snapshot of where you are so we can see which resources may best meet your needs.)

Rate the following on a scale of 1-5, according to how much of a challenge they are for you.
(1= Big problem, 2= Medium problem, 3= Somewhat of a problem, 4= Rarely a problem, 5= No problem at all)

Generating Leads
Closing Leads
Raising Prices
Building Valuable Referrals
Structuring the company so I don't get bogged down in busy work
Finding good employees
Systemizing the company so I can take worry-free time off
Leading a balanced life

If I continue with my business the way it is I'll be financially independent in 3-5 years?

Does your spouse work with you?

Your kids or other family?

Answer using - Often, Sometimes Rarely or Never Often Sometimes Rarely Never
I feel guilty when I take time off.
I'm feel guilty about not giving enough time to my spouse, kids or other important relationships.

If my class reunion was next month, I'd feel excited about going?

2) Where do you want to be?

Number of hours you work weekly?
Number of hours you'd LIKE to work weekly?
Number of weeks vacation you'll take this year?
Number of weeks you'd LIKE to take?

Check the amount of PERSONAL net income you paid yourself in the past 12 months?

Amount of PERSONAL net income you'd LIKE to pay yourself from now?

3) Let's Find Out If Piranha Will Be The Path To Get You There...

Briefly describe the qualities that make you the "right" compay and client to work with:

References of friends or acquaintances who are current Piranha Members:
(This is not required...but people who surround themselves with success-minded people reflect a certain level of desire for excellence, so we are just curious if you currently interact with any of our Members.)

Do you belong to an industry Trade Association?

If yes, which one(s)?

Please tell us the best way to contact you:

Your Name: Company:
Mailing Address:
Phone: Fax: