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Each month you'll also get our compelling monthly “insert” - a killer marketing promotion and strategy to use for the month which also includes a postcard to follow-up the newsletter promotion. 

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By the way, your Clients aren’t Carpet Cleaners or Restorers – you are… my point is that your Clients don’t want to (and wouldn’t) read a newsletter every month about the latest news in Carpet Cleaning…  Likewise, we have lawyers, accountants, realtors and doctors who use our newsletter because their Clients don’t want to read just about laws, finance, realty or medicine. 

The Healthy Home Newsletter™ is a ready-to-go marketing system, that can start transforming your business into one that is Easy...Lucrative...and Fun!  (E.L.F.™). It is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools we offer. 

Listen to what these Piranha Members have to say about the Healthy Home Newsletter™...

" I’m floored to say I’ve increased out monthly income $9,000.00-$10,000.00 per month – every month – with the newsletter!”
-Ramona Griggie, Platinum Carpet Systems

"The Healthy Home Newsletter is the absolutely best marketing piece we have, between that and our reminder cards it still consistently brings in 72% of our business."
-John Gartner, Major Floor Care

“I get a lot of feedback from our clients on how much they love reading the newsletter. I wouldn't want to bore them with a bunch of technical stuff they don't care about. The only technical thing I need them to know is how to dial my phone number when they need me! :-)

As for ROI, the first month we sent the newsletter out, we doubled the previous month's gross from $15,000 to $30,000.
Our clients really look forward to the newsletter each month and we ALWAYS have a special offer for the month and they love it!”

- Pat Kaldahl, Classic Carpet Cleaning

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